Sunday, 16 October 2011

Using Vivitar 950WHD Under Water

Once the camera is charged and the SD/SDHC card is in place it is important to make sure that the seal is closed and has clicked and locked in place. This is where the camera needs to be water tight. Water in this area would damage the camera, battery and memory card.

I was using my Vivitar 950WHD in the Red sea. The salt content is extremely strong but the camera preformed well. It is important to point out that when using any camera in salt water it should be rinsed well after use. I did this by using the showers on the boat and beach then left the camera upside down to dry well, following the cameras instructions. Also never open the battery/SD card cover until completely dried. Doing so will damage your camera/camcorder.

Only downside I found to using this camera underwater with the sun shining brightly above me was not been able to see the screen well, but I still managed to capture all I needed to.

Vivitar 950WHD Still Shot Slide Show

I am pleased to bring you a slide show of photos taken on my Vivitar 950WHD underwater camera taken on my holiday to Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh. The following photos were taken on a V.I.P cruise where we stopped at three great snorkeling spots. It was my birthday this day and I was so pleased I had this camera. Some of these photos were taken by my guide and at times he went down deeper than 10 feet. The camera held up well and remained water tight. Be warned it does say 10 feet on the box so if you do take it deeper and your camera breaks it is at your own risk. For safety of your camera I would not recommend taking it deeper than 10 feet. It was my guide that did so against my will, so I was pleased it stayed water tight.

Vivitar 950WHD Spec

The following is for the Vivitar 950WHD underwater digital camcorder.

10.1 Mega Pixels
HD High Definition
2.4" Preview Screen
4 X Digital Zoom
Built in microphone and speaker
Water Resistant up to 10 Feet

This camcorder comes with Vivitar experience software so you can upload to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. With this software you can create your own movies and add special effects.

This camera will take SD and SDHC memory cards. (Not included with camera)

Vivitar Underwater Camera 950WHD

Hello and welcome to my blog. The purpose of this blog is to give you an insight to this little budget camera. You may have this camera or thinking of buying one for your holiday so I will try to give you good useful information along with photos and video taken from my Vivitar 950WHD bought from Argos. I bought this camera a day before going to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt with some birthday money I had and felt it be great for when I went snorkeling in the Red Sea. Lets just say it came in very useful and so glad I did. In my opinion if you are looking for a camcorder for everyday use around the home and out and about maybe this camera is not for you, but if you want a camera to do what it says on the box (Underwater) then this is a great choice. Still shots are great at 10.1 Mega Pixels and the video although not the best when it comes to camcorders it was fantastic for underwater. An HD underwater camera would cost a great deal of money you would think but this one cost £70 new and for a budget camera I was not disappointed. Hope you will find my blog useful.